Mechanical Bull
Mechanical Bull Rental – Giddy up, partners! You know you have heard the roar of the crowd before. Whether you've been there in person, seen it on television, or heard the story of a wild rodeo – riding the bull and holding on as your heart races is a thrill unlike any other! Jumpolines can bring a one-of-a-kind Mechanical Bull Rental to your party! Whether you're having a fundraiser, company party, Wild West-themed birthday party, or other special event, nothing will get the crowd going like the Mechanical Bull. The “bull” is a fun ride for all ages, and comes with his own inflatable safety area and cowboy to make sure everything is safe. The “bull” is lightweight and can fit in most party settings. So, next time you hear the phrase, "grab life by the horns", you'll be able to tell people that you have – because you rode the Mechanical Bull Rental from Jumpolines.
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